Felino Dolloso in talks for two feature films

Pinoy-Australian actor FELINO DOLLOSO in talks for two feature films.
He has also confirmed to play the role of Andres Bonifacio and Lapu-Lapu in a Stage production for late 2014.

Here’s what people have said about him recently;

“Felino Dolloso is a very talented actor. I have seen him in a variety of roles and his power as an actor leaps from the screen. I wish him all the best and look forward to working with him on a film in the near future.”

“Felino Dolloso is an actor if depth, commitment and incredible imagination. A Graduate of Australia’s prestigious Victorian College of The Arts, Felino is comfortable in a wide range of roles from serious/dramatic, to off-the-wall/experimental work. His insight and ability has seen him build a solid catalogue of roles in stage, TV, and Film. Later in 2014 he will co-star in Matchbox Pictures/ABC TV Co-production, MAXIMUM CHOPPAGE”
~ Michael Turkic Creative Director – interCulture casting & management

“Felino is a rare and talented actor. Dedicated and passionate. I hope to work with him again in the very near future.”
~ Billy Marshall Stoneking – Executive Producer

“Felino is an all-out wonderful actor/thinker/kaibigan. That’s Filipino for someone greater than a friend, a brother as well. I recommend him wholeheartedly. Take a look at his many videos – a consummate pro. We’ll work together soon on my play “The Romance of Magno Rubio”.
~ Lonnie Carter -Playwright/Screenwriter

“Felino is a talented actor – sensitive, intelligent, serious and raw but with a deep well of humour and kindness that he directs to all around him. He was a pleasure to work with and I would work with him again at the first opportunity.”
~ Katie Pollock – Playwright

“Felino performed in my first play and I was blessed to have an open, playful, intelligent as well as skilful actor to workshop the script. Felino contributed to the plays success and I wholly recommend him.”
~ Tee O’Neill, Playwright & Lecturer at University of Melbourne

“Despite having worked with Felino on numerous occasions, I always find something new in his technique and approach to his craft. He is an ever evolving actor who throws himself into improv and new roles with gusto. Felino is also a very supportive co-star. Through the years in which we have played a myriad of roles ranging from family to lovers, Felino has proven to be an open and present colleague who you can bounce off and create with easily.”
~ Daniella Serret, Actor

“Felino is an outstanding actor, a truly exceptional talent with a rare gift. It’s only matter of time before Hollywood steals him from us.”
~ Edward Lyons – Director / Producer / Writer

“Felino’s front of camera presence is engaging and haunting. He can play a significant range. He is an underrated talent which I highly recommend to anyone considering casting him.”
~ David Steinhoff – CEO at PRESENCE FILMS


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