Felino Dolloso Oct 2016 news – TV, Film, Stage, Online news and an Award.

Felino Dolloso Oct 2016 news – TV, Film, Stage, Online news and an Award.

 It’s been a busy few months leading to the  2016Christmas season for Filipino born Australian actor FELINO DOLLOSO.

 Here is what’s been happening so far;


Dolloso has been booked to play one of the main roles in the Independent Feature Film SURVIVE or DIE.  He is scheduled to start filming in early 2017.


Felino Dolloso with the creatives from upcoming film Survive or Die


 Feature film ‘ADVENTURES OF A HAPPY HOMELESS MAN’  selected in Official Selection XIV Cine Pobre 2016 Verano Edition.

It’s now available on FetchTV Australia and GoogleView Australia.

“…so winning and so interesting you can’t help feeling for and rooting for the guy, thanks to a very empathetic direction and of course also Felino Dolloso’s performance” – Review by Mike Haberfelner. http://www.searchmytrash.com/movies/adventuresofahappyhomelessman(2016).shtml


Dolloso recently appeared in a guest role in the TV series HYDE & SEEK.

Felino Dolloso as ‘The Leader’ in Hyde and Seek. Scene below highlighted by Channel 9 as one of the Heart Stopping Moments scenes.


 Dolloso has also been signed to play a major role in a Television series. More news to follow regarding this once more information is released.


Felino Dolloso took on comedy as Dr JT Sirangplaka in the very funny Filipino Variety Show ‘The Marcus & Michelle Show’ in the episode about Karaoke.

Due to popular demand, he will be back to perform in another comedy sketch called “My better half” playing the role of an aswang in the live taping of Episode 7: Halloween special.



Dolloso played the role of ‘Tasio’ in the Performance reading of Dr Jose Rizal’s ‘NOLI ME TANGERE’ at the Riverside Theatre Parramatta.


Felino Dolloso with the cast and crew of Noli Me Tangere


 He was also fortunate enough to have been asked to be a Judge in a Balagtasan.

Felino Dolloso signs on as a Judge in BALAGTASAN 2016 (Tagalog Association of Australia). BALAGTASAN is a Filipino form of Debate done in verse.




FILCCA (Filipino Communities Council of Australia) will be presenting FELINO DOLLOSO an Award recognising his contribution to the Filipino community in Australia during the 14th National Conference on October 29th. Recognition of FELINO DOLLOSO’s contribution to the Filipino community in Australia, more particularly for his dedication and commitment to uplifting the image of the Filipino culture and heritage.

Felino Dolloso suit

Felino Dolloso


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