Credits Info

2015 ST Jose Matada Nil by Sea Apocalypse Theatre Company, Kate Gaul
2015 TV Kai Le MAXIMUM CHOPPAGE Matchbox Pictures, Craig Melville
2015 ST Sukuma Saldana Fitting into Wageni Apocalypse Thatre Company, Cathy Hunt
2015 ST Three Three Angry Australians Apocalypse Theatre Company, Charlotte Bradley
2014 TV Jay Teodoro Gina v Rose: The House Of Hancock Channel Nine Network, Mark Joffe
2013 SF Ernie MY SISTER’S WEDDING AFTRS, Jonathan Weir
2013 TV John POST LIFE (7 episodes) ICE Productions, M.Kang, R.Dissanayake, K.Velpula.
2013 TV Agung BROTHERS AFTRS/NIDA Production, Sam Curtain
2013 FF Chip SEEING THE ELEPHANT ICE Productions, Amin Palangi
2013 TV Alan BETTER MAN Fremantle Media, SBS, Khoa Do
2012 SF Rin THE FENCE AFTRS, Lucy Gaffy
2012 FF Father THE KING’S SEED VSS Productions, Vanna Seang
2012 ST Jose Rizal HER SON JOSE RIZAL Rizal Park, Ferdinand Dimaano
2012 SF The Boss ENTER THE DOJO Fideo films, Adrian Castro
2012 ST Ex-President THE ELEPHANT IN MANILA ZOO Blacktown Arts Centre, Paschal.Berry
2011 TV Bill SPIRITED Series 2 Southern Star Productions, Stuart McDonald
2011 FF Venchito SUPPOSE THE NIGHT TASTED LIKE SUGAR Ronin Productions, Jennifer King
2011 FF Pelino Talisayon PITBULLS Hitchen Productions, Mike Kang
2011 TV Stallholder SEA PATROL Southern Star Productions, Various
2011 FF Asian Director QUEST FOR JACKIE CHAN Quest for Jackie Chan Productions, Maria Tran
2011 ST Major A QUIET NIGHT IN RANGOON Subtlenuance Theatre Company, Paul Gilchrist
2011 SF Michael IMMIGRANTS AND CIGARETTES ICE Productions, Mike Kang
2011 SF David LOVE AT EXPENSE ICE Productions, Saber Baluch
2011 ST Tun Salleh Abas COUP D’ETAT StageDirections Theatre and Bakehouse Theatre, Suzanne Millar
2011 TV GP Lay Chan PACKED TO THE RAFTERS Seven Network, Lynn-Maree Danzey
2010 TV Bill SPIRITED Southern Star Productions, Jessica Hobbs
2010 ST Twan THE DEAD SUN Colour Blind Productions, Denise Sivasubramaniam
2010 ST Jose Molina HAVANA HARLEM Sydney Fringe Festival, Deborah Jones
2010 SF Chip IT’S ABOUT SURVIVAL Ice Productions, Mike Kang
2009 FF Ares (LEAD) DEVIL’S 6 COMMANDMENTS Motion Arts Productions, Dicky Tanuwidjaya
2009 TV Albert (Guest role) ALL SAINTS MRU Seven Network, Scott Hartford Davis
2009 ST Bang Lohr MEASURE New Theatre, Tanya Dickson
2009 ST Major A QUIET NIGHT IN RANGOON (Performance Reading) Riverside Theatre, Christopher Hurrell
2008 R Serenade HARANA ABC Radio, Jane Ulman
2008 FF Busker (Support LEAD) UNDER THE SAME Andara Productions, Bernardin A. Fembriarto
2008 FF Commander BALIBO Arena Films, Rob Connolly
2008 FF Pirate Leader MOTHER FISH Titan View, Khoa Do
2007 ST Rafael LAST HIGHWAY Urban Theatre Company, Alicia Talbot
2007 SF Fat Tony THE DIVORCE CASE LH Productions, Leon Hooke
2007 TV Thuy REVIEW WITH MILES & BARLOWE Starchild Productions / ABC, Trent O’Donnell
2006 TV Officer Hartono (Crooning Officer) ANSWERED BY FIRE Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier, Jessica Hobbs
2006 SF Jimmy THE DEALER UNSW Productions, Koji Chan
2006 ST Cho sek, Dr Aintee CAPRICORNIA Company B – Belvoir St Theatre, W. Eunoch
2005 FF Waiter CANDY Candy Productions, Neil Armfield
2005 TV Bubba IN OTHER NEWS Stuart Luijerink / Stuart Englund, Stuart Luijerink
2004 FF Dvong RA CHOI Mako Vision Productions, Michael Frank
2004 ST Tutor THE EMPRESS OF CHINA East Coast Theatre – Company B Belvior, Joseph Uchitel
2004 TV Dj COMEDY INC Crackerjack Productions